Available Tools - An Introduction to the Yamaha Dealer Web Tool Kit


Thank you for your interest in the Yamaha Dealer Web Toolkit program - the home of the most compelling music marketing, support and educational tools on the web. You have taken the first step to revolutionizing your internet marketing and support campaign!

Our concept is simple. The most successful internet campaigns are those that keep them coming back for more. We help you accomplish this by providing an ever growing library of high quality support tools that are implemented seamlessly into your website. Within minutes - and without any of the expense of programming - you can have hours of relevant content as part of your website to instruct, entertain and inform your customers.

They're your customers. You've gotten them to your website. We help you keep them there.

To sign up for the Yamaha Dealer Web Toolkit program, your credit card will be charged a one time $250 initiation fee, which covers:

  • Creation of your user account and the assigning of a unique Yamaha Dealer Web Toolkit identification
  • Entry into the program
  • Registration of your website URL to unlock media Tool Kit assets
  • Access to system - and all unique code for implementation into your website

After that - your credit card will be charged a monthly *$65.00 fee to cover 500 hours of total bandwidth/transfer per month and account maintenance.

*Please note: As we expand on this program, larger bandwidth packages and additional modules will be offered to all members. Bandwidth upgrades will require additional monthly fees. Future modules and services may require additional monthly fees. Dealers can choose to upgrade or stay at the current package without affecting their membership. Future web kit modules and bandwidth costs to be determined.

Becoming a member and getting started couldn't be easier!

  1. Create a user account by entering your Dealership information
  2. Enter your credit card information.
  3. Pick and choose from our library of available web applications that you want to include on your site.
  4. Choose from our extensive library of predesigned application buttons the one which best fits the look and feel of your website.
  5. Have your web developer copy and paste the generated HTML code into your website for each web application you've selected.

And you're done! Your website now has an ever growing library of the most current and relevant information available to keep your customers where they belong...on your site.

If you're ready to begin - let's get started - CLICK HERE!

Or if you need more information and would like someone to contact you - contact us!

Sign Up Today and take advantage of the web's influence now!

The web in becoming more and more important for us all. Now there is not a day without some sort of news about the importance of the web. Having a standard, static web site is not enough.

If you want to compete for customers online, you have to use original but relevant tools. That's why we created the Yamaha Dealer Web Tool Kit.

If you have any questions, or would like to have a representative contact you, please email Tom Folenta <tom@miditainment.com>

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