Available Tools - An Introduction to the Yamaha Dealer Web Tool Kit

EasyLink is the easiest way to get interactive learning modules on your own web site. Each flash-based media module is EasyLinked from your website to our dedicated secure media server. The user simply clicks a link on your site and a popup-interface appears seamlessly, integrating our delivery web-engines on top of your site. By utilizing the most advanced and latest web-scripting tools, the experience for the user of accessing content is effortless, entertaining and enjoyable.

1. After you have signed on to become a member, we will email you a link whre you can download the two EasyLink buttons; a “Product Brochure” button, and a “Link-to-Learn” button.

They can be placed anywhere on your site, either by your own IT people, or we can help you for a nominal fee.

-- Click Here For Example --

2. When a customer comes to your web site, he or she can click on one of the EasyLink buttons incorporated into your site, and a pop-up window will invite the user into a world of exciting learning and education in an engaging flash-based interface.

3. The user can then can choose to browse a FREE Yamaha product brochure, or purchase a Link-to-Learn service - module by module.

To experience our Yamaha webkit modules and the power of EasyLinkô Select a dealer link from the list below.

Active Dealer Links

Ghosted Dealer Links

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