Available Tools - An Introduction to the Yamaha Dealer Web Tool Kit

The Yamaha Dealer Web Tool Kit is a turn-key program that offers a collection of unique online tools and services that inform, educate and entertain your existing and potential customers. Working from your web site, the Yamaha Web Tool Kit offers the following benefits:

AWARENESS - The program continues to support your efforts in demonstrating the benefits of owning Yamaha Clavinova and Disklavier Pianos.

SUPPORT - The program overcomes the customer’s “after the sale” concern of finding quality product support.

INSURANCE – The program ensures your customer’s success by offering a channel for learning music, technology and other related topics.


Link-To-Learn Web Servcies is a pay-per-module mix of Product Guides, Music Learning Suites, Technology Guides and Video Song Books.

This is a superb solution for all Yamaha dealers since there is no physical product, no inventory to be stored, and the best of all; it is ALL profit!

EasyLink is the easiest way to get interactive learning modules on your own web site. Each flash-based media module is EasyLinked from your website to our dedicated secure media server. The user simply clicks a link on your site and a popup-interface appears seamlessly, integrating our delivery web-engines on top of your site. By utilizing the most advanced and latest web-scripting tools, the experience for the user of accessing content is effortless, entertaining and enjoyable.

1. After you have signed on to become a member, we will email you a link whre you can download the two EasyLink buttons; a “Product Brochure” button, and a “Link-to-Learn” button.

They can be placed anywhere on your site, either by your own IT people, or we can help you for a nominal fee.

2. When a customer comes to your web site, he or she can click on one of the EasyLink buttons incorporated into your site, and a pop-up window will invite the user into a world of exciting learning and education in an engaging flash-based interface.

3. The user can then can choose to browse a FREE Yamaha product brochure, or purchase a Link-to-Learn service - module by module.

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