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An interactive beginner’s guide to reading basic music notation. This Link-to-Learn suite addresses all of the elements surrounding easy-play music notation. Through a virtual piece of sheet music, you learn about note types, pitch, staff elements, navigational elements, key signatures, time signatures and much more.


The perfect ABC learning guide to the ABC's of your keyboard. Lessons cover melody/chord style playing, the keys, note names, pitch, hand positioning, fingering, melody, harmony, chords, transposition, touch, keyboard voices and much more. This Link-to-Learn service is the “key” to learning about the keyboard.


Finally, for the first time - a first-time player guide that teaches you how to read and play music in the EZ Play format. This is the perfect learning guide for playing music instantly using the right hand melody and left hand auto chord approach. It also includes songs, MIDI files, printable song files, keyboard guides…. even a jam-along song studio.


Introducing a fun, interactive first-time player’s guide to playing the piano. Video tracks for each lesson guarantee success by offering the 24/7 guidance of a private teacher. Plus, fully orchestrated backing tracks turn each lesson into a mini concert making practicing a pleasurable experience. This guide is designed for traditional RH/LH easy-piano level.


Our major achievement in teaching you how to play chords was no minor task. We’ve added everything to this Link-To-Learn suite: chord theory, chord types, chord stylings, auto-chord features, single finger chords and more – plus, the chord learning studio offers a quick chord guide and a complete chord lessons for every basic chord.


On a scale of 1-to-10, our Link-to-Learn scale studio is off the chart! Much more than a scale reference guide, we offer scale theory lessons, tips on fingering - even a series of “Scale-robic” exercises to help develop technique as well as a library of ScaleJam Tracks to make repetitive practicing fun. Master scales are just a mouse click away!

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