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Thanks to those Yamaha dealers who have enrolled in the Motion Signage Program thus far. We are sure you can easily see the benefits of this kind of "eye candy (or "silent salesman")" and we very much appreciate your assistance in making this program a success.

We are thrilled to announce a major improvement to the Motion Signage Program for 2008 . . . The Library Of Motion Signs Are FREE! Yamaha will provide a DVD containing the current Motion Signage loops to any dealer who has a dedicated LCD/PLASMA/TV incorporated into his/her product display area.

Jim Levesque - Clavinova Marketing Manager.
For more information, please contact your Yamaha District Manager.

Yamaha has implemented an exciting marketing program that helps dealers promote the key selling features of our products, Yamaha programs and much more. Through the use of a flat-screen monitor or TV monitor and a standard DVD player, each Motion Sign presents product information in a signage format that surpasses the impact of any printed sign. As a member, you gain access to the entire library. It is great for in-store advertising, in the window, at outside promotions, in the classroom waiting area, even on your website.

To SIGN UP for the Motion Signage program, click here, or for more information; please contact us.

CVP & the Family
Designed to focus on the benefits that a family derives from owning a Clavinova, the loop highlights the Guide Mode for the non-player, the microphone input and Karaoke features for the family singer, the recording feature for the song writer and much more.

CLP for Teachers & Students
This is designed to address the value points of the CLP product line to educators and students and focuses on the traditional sound and touch of a piano, features used for learning music – it even contains a list of colleges that are using Clavinovas in their studios and on stage.

Wellness & Music
A module on the wellness benefits of music-making, this focuses on "Music and the Brain" scientific research and the Clavinova Connection.

The Clavinova Advantage
A module that defines the advantages of buying a Clavinova over any other brand of generic digital piano, this focuses on Yamaha exclusives, the history and lineage of the Clavinova, the great service record and reputation of Yamaha, and the many industry awards bestowed on the Clavinova.

What is a Disklavier?
The purpose of this loop is to highlight the most popular features used on the Disklavier. This is a "something for everyone" motion-sign that focuses on the Disklavier as the "Piano of Unlimited Potential."

Seven Keys to a Sound Investment
What makes a fine piano? There are 7 key points. This loop helps start the presentation dialog for a sales associate by highlighting these points, defining them and giving short examples of each.

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